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Monday, nothing
Tuesday, nothing
Wednesday and Thursday nothing
Monday, nothing
Tuesday, nothing
Wednesday and Thursday nothing
Friday, for a change
a little more nothing
Saturday once more nothing

Sunday nothing
Monday nothing
Tuesday and Wednesday nothing
Thursday, for a change
a little more nothing
Friday once more nothing

Montik gornisht,
Dinstik Gornisht
Midwoch an Donnerstik gornisht
Fritik, far a noveneh gornisht pikveleh
Shabas nach a mool gornisht

Lunes nada
Martes nada
Miercoles y Jueves nada
Viernes, por cambia
un poco mas nada
Sabado otra vez nada

January nothing
February nothing
March and April nothing
May and June
a lot more nothing
July nothing

'29 nothing
'32 nothing
'39, '45 nothing
1965 a whole lot of nothing
1966 nothing

reading nothing
writing nothing
even arithmetic nothing
geography, philosophy, history, nothing
social anthropology a lot of nothing

oh, Village Voice nothing
New Yorker nothing
Sing Out and Folkways nothing
Harry Smith and Allen Ginsberg
nothing, nothing, nothing

poetry nothing
music nothing
painting and dancing nothing
The world's great books
a great set of nothing
Audy and Foudy nothing

fucking nothing
sucking nothing
flesh and sex nothing
Church and Times Square
all a lot of nothing
nothing, nothing, nothing

Stevenson nothing
Humphrey nothing
Averell Harriman nothing
John Stuart Mill nil, nil
Franklin Delano nothing

Karlos Marx nothing
Engels nothing
Bakunin and Kropotkin nothing
Leon Trotsky lots of nothing
Stalin less than nothing

nothing nothing nothing nothing
lots and lots of nothing
nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing
lots of it
Not a God damn thing

Tuli Kupferberg ( I think)


call in the form of a one minute movie for one minute movies for hull film & animation festival

Hugely frustratingly the link
works on the Rhizome site but not in the e mail that is then generated. It seems to be something to do with the fact that Flickr redirects to an 'https' address and BBcode can't cope with this. I removed the "s" in my original post on the Rhizome site and it all works sweetly but whatever generates the email seem to restore it and make it unusable...



uk national gallery strike: a painting and a call for support


egg tempera & graphite on board // 15.625X24"

They are striking against privatisation of 400 out of 600 jobs & the victimisation of their union rep. // they deserve our support - please donate ( there’s a Paypal button) or at least sign the petition & send a message of support // it's especially important artists are not silent on this // read more/ sign /donate: ngnotforsale.wordpress.com/