A Sense of Place

My friends Tracy Vine and Liz Sterry (both completing MRes students of mine & Ruth Catlow's at Writtle) have been leading a photography project for the past few months in the Chelmsford, UK suburb of Great Baddow. It all culminates in an (expanded) photography exhibition in the parish hall


this Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd August ( 10am - 4 pm both days). It features work by both of them and by and of Great Baddow residents of all ages. It will be very good. If you're in the area or not too far away you could certainly do worse than come along. I'll be there for the opening ( with the town crier, I believe) at 10:00 am on the Friday.

The project has been administratively supported by Furtherfield ( for which much thanks!)

Some of you might be familiar with Liz's work - her marvellous "Kay's Blog" is touring the UK with the current Furtherfield Digital Zoo tour. Tracy has a particularly deft and engaging way with outreach type work, especially with young people. Both of them have very distinct and interesting approaches and it will be fascinating to see how the show shapes up.

Hope perhaps that some of you might do the trek & I might see you there!