Matthew Mascotte

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Matthew Mascotte recently started an arts project company called Tent Cotent that provides production, curatorial and art advisory services.Tent Content has produced projects with artists such as Slater Bradley, David Ellis, and Daniel Shiffman. Tent Content was recently hired by the Savannah College of Art and Design to curate a series of exhibitions by emerging and mid-career artists at the new ACA gallery in Atlanta, GA begining in September 2006.
July 8 2009 12:58 on On Tour

I feel you Nikola. I do. but I have to say that I was vaguely familiar with your work when I first read Brian's piece and his post actually got ...
July 8 2009 10:26 on On Tour

clearly recessions give artists time to bitch the live long day. I agree with andy. nikola, you rock but let it go bro. besides, anyone that would form an opinion ...