JM Haefner

Member Since August 20, 2002


J.M. Haefner's art varies from computer-mediated art to artist's books, collage, and photography. Through combining imagery and materials, the artist layers meanings and concepts which are often framed within a feminist context. The work is sometimes considered reactionary based on political, social, or environmental issues.

With degrees in Advertising Design and Photography and a MFA in Interactive Forms, MS Haefner has taught in these areas, and worked professionally as a Web Designer and Online Course Developer, and is currently involved developing various Web presence on a University of Wisconsin campus and spearheading a campus-wide e-portfolio initiative for a Title III grant in addition to teaching multimedia in an Art and Design Department. Presently, she is working on developing the first interdisciplinary Game Design and Development course at her university along with a colleague in Computer Science.

Her areas of interest include: Web 2 interaction and emerging design principles, interfacing with the metaverse (Second Life) and video conferencing with an interest toward learning communities, learning portfolios, student-centered teaching, and game design and theory.

She currently serves as Chair of the Minneapolis - Saint Paul ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter, and is seeking a Ph. D. in Education Technology.