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Member Since September 17, 2002

Jeremy Owen Turner [b. 1974, Victoria, B.C. - Canada] has been a Rhizome member on and off since 2002 (a paying member since 2004). He works as a Digital Archivist, Art-Historian, Avatar Performance Artist and Net Researcher. His degree from the University of Victoria was in Art-History and Music Composition.

As "Wirxli FlimFlam", Turner has just co-formed a new avatar performance art group in Second Life called Second Front -

He has completed a contract about Telecommunications Art-History (the Slow-Scan TV Video-conferencing art-scene) on behalf of the Open Space Arts Society in Victoria, Canada.

He is also an interdisciplinary artist, writer , composer and curator. He is a Co-Founder of the 536 Media Collective in Vancouver. On behalf of 536, Turner worked with the iKatun Collective (Boston) and Jessica Loseby (U.K.) to form the Digital Pocket Gallery.

In addition, he is a Co-Producer of the very first Machinima Documentary, "AVATARA". The other Producers are Donato Mancini and Flick Harrison.

To date, he has conducted interviews , posted blogs and written articles about innovations in New Media for: C-Theory, Shift, Intelligent Agent, (Foresight Institute),, Eventcasters (AOL Canada), Extropy, Rhizome, Offbeat and Front Magazine.

He is on the Board of Editors for the Digital Salvage Online Journal hosted by Trace Reddel at the University of Denver, Colorado.

He occasionally lectures about Digital Aesthetics and Net-Art strategies at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

His current interests include Avatars, Bots, and Nanotechnology.

Jeremy lives and works in Vancouver.
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Also, if you like cutting-edge Avatar bands, check out The Gates and The Hotmails

His main art blogs are:

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