Gates performs virtual Live 8 Concert in Cyberspace!

Internet-only band playing in support of Live8 exclusively in
Cyberspace! This is a call for the internet community to pressure the
G8 Nations to relieve African debt now!

WHO: The Gates

WHEN: Saturday, July 02, 2005 - 8 PM PST

WHERE:.Cyberspace - The Gates are performing online using the
Digitalspace Traveler avatar platform for PCs.

PERFORMANCE VENUE - "Hall of Justice" -
in the Digitalspace Traveler browser.

Band Link:

Free Performance Browser Software Download:

EVENT DETAILS: One of Cyberspace's first bands, "The Gates" is playing
an online tribute concert in conjunction with the Live8 festival.
The Gates will be playing exclusively in Cyberspace using the
Digitalspace Traveler avatar software. This software combines both 3D graphic and audio broadcasting capabilities.

The event will be broadcast worldwide. Like Live8, The concert is
also totally free and exists for those who cannot physically attend
any of the Live8 concerts yet still feel a desire to be a direct
part of a concert performance.

CONTACT: Please contact Jeremy Turner for more details -