I'll be doing a live netcast as VJDJ Zero Zero this Friday night, April
18th, starting at 9pm PST U.S.


or, open this location in realaudio:

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from Center For Electronic Art …deep in the heart of ...

MESH (Multimedia Education Showcase) CONFERENCE:

London 1 & 2 October 1997

MESH will investigate and demonstrate the uses of multimedia systems in
delivering learning materials and information over networks within art
and design education practice.

MESH will present research (from the UK, Europe and beyond) which
involve developing and utilising ...


If you want your work to be considered…. *PLEASE* FOLLOW THE
INSTRUCTIONS previously given [appended below].

- If your URL is *down*, you must create the short list descriptions.

- and send email of *short bio* with the descriptions & your contact

- I can't divulge the ...

"Love Letters from a World of Awe,"
http://www.thebluedot.com/loveletters, is the Web component of a
multi-disciplinary project by artist Yael Kanarek. Including painting,
written words, sculpture and found objects, "Love Letters" has been in
the making for several years, and will probably evolve for several more ...

Annoucing the Allen Ginsberg Memorial "NUDE" Poetry Reading

An open invitation to particiapte in an event to be held in late april
on the Internet via cuseeme

The event invites poets practitioners and enthusiasts to celebrate the
life and works of Allen Ginsberg via reading and sharing their favorite
poems ...

After reading Alex Galloway's comments about www.fray.com ["<a
href="/cgi-local/query.cgi?action=grab_object&kt=kt0540">fray review</a>,"
RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 4.6.97], Carmen Hermosillo wrote:

add to the list of wired/hotwired ex-pats eager to take their experience
to the bank ex-hotwired guy Howard Rheingold's eMinds ...

just in case anyone is interested…

ARTNOW, an national day of advocacy for the arts, is taking place on the
Mall in Washington, DC on Saturday, April 19. The event is being
organized out of The Tisch School at NYU. Information on ARTNOW can be
found at: http://www.nyu ...

a Public Access Project
by Floating Point Unit


in 13 scenes

Starting March 30, 1997 every Sunday at 11:30 pm on Channel 16
(Manhattan Cable), Floating Point Unit will broadcast a cross-media
internet/cable TV show.

Over the course of 13 weeks ...

Wanted to briefly and informally invite the RHIZOME community to drop by
a new conference which has just opened at Electric Minds
(www.minds.com). Cohost Anna Couey and I have dubbed it Art Circuit.
It's a place where we discuss the arts and technology, singly and as a
pair ...




Solve et Coagula

Digital art and Virtual Reality @ C3
A violent sensual symbiosis
Mating man & machine

The violence of things connected:

Solve et Coagula is primarily an attempt to give birth to ...

We have entered, the story goes, a new era of communication, a time
marked by the free exchange of ideas, a new cultural geography, a
digital village. A cultural formation intoxicates us. It is the digital
network and it has the power, the story goes, to connect people together
that ...

After reading "<a href="/cgi-local/query.cgi?action=grab_object&kt=kt0531">bill
viola at the guggenheim</a>" [RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 4.2.97] - a dialogue
about the exhibition facilitated by Rachel Greene - S. Pershall wrote:

Rachel, thanks for the transcript of the dialogue on the Bill Viola
piece, and the reference to ...

Some news from VIRTUALITAS:

1) Please don't miss the next vernissage at Fine Arts online at


Georg Harbaum - "7 years - 7 rooms" - picture-objects

on 04 April 1997 17:00 to 21:00 GMT (the artist is present),

2) New objects for the Zoo Project 1997 ...

World Wide Arts Resources is excited to introduce its new ARTS LOCATOR.
It allows visitors to check out arts related sites in over 1,000 cities
world-wide. We also encourage all arts enthusiasts to register their
WWW artsite with us so it will be easier for others to find you ...

Oz Lubling wrote:

This is a synopsis of a very interesting forum/panel discussion that
happened at the museum of moving image this past saturday. The topic of
conversation was Life On Line.

One of the featured guests was Sherry Turkle, noted MIT Media Lab
Sociologist/Psychologist and Author of ...

You Miss This…Forgetaboutit!!!

– "Class-less Classics" is upon us again –

NEW YORK – This Saturday, House of Borax, in association with Thinking
Pictures, will produce and video stream the third episode of the hit
cyber series, "Class-less Classics." In addition to a live theatrical
parody of a literary ...