A day without the mobile-phone [Tallinn]


A day without the mobile-phone [Eve Arpo & Riin Kranna-Roos / Estonia] @ Plektrum -- The Festival of Visual Sound :: September 12-16, 2007.

A day without the mobile-phone is an installation in public space that is made up of one hundred cell-phones collected from the people in the city. The phones are hanged on a tree next to St. John's church (Jaani kirik) where they create a light- and sound-installation. To participate in creating the installation you may give your cell-phone to be hanged on the tree and you may call your friends who have done the same. It is also possible to call public mobile-phone numbers that have been opened specially for the installation.

A day without the mobile-phone does not take a black-and-white stance on blaming the mobile-phone addiction --instead it attempts to create a discussion. The installation may lead to the conclusion that we use our phones too much, or it may prove that mobile-phones add an important value to our lives. We would like to evaluate the role of the mobile-phone by taking a few steps and looking at it from a distance.

Plektrum -- The Festival of Visual Sound is the main platform for audio-visual media culture in Tallinn -- the capital of Estonia. Taking place this September for the 5th time, it showcases events that range from eclectic avant-garde music parties and forward thinking VJ-performances to media-art happenings and exciting hands-on workshops. The main aim of the festival is to bridge new technologies with the innovative ideas baking in the creative minds that lay scattered across different disciplines. By urging, promoting and sustaining the popularization and development of new media, Plektrum shapes the cultural landscape of the 21st century that will distinguish Tallinn as the European Capital of Culture in 2011. We hereby invite you join us in Tallinn for an unforgettable experience of Visual Sound! [via]