bpNichol’s First Screening Screens Again

A three-year project by Jim Andrews, Geof Huth, Lionel Kearns, Marko Niemi, and Dan Waber has come to fruition. The result is that an important set of early digital poems is available once more; the editors, also, have saved the original bits and made the running work available in several emulated, ported, and recorded ways, setting a powerful example for future preservation and porting of digital art, games, and poetry.

code fragment from First Screening

In 1984, bpNichol published a collection of Apple II poems on floppy, in an edition of 100. This First Screening is now available once more on the Web, in a multiplicty of formats: a disk image with the bit-for-bit contents of the floppy issued in 1984; a JavaScript version by Marko J. Niemi and Jim Andrews; a Quicktime movie of the disk image running in emulation; and an earlier Hypercard port published by Red Deer College Press.