Ten Year After Party (GRAMMATRON-style)

It was ten years ago today that I released GRAMMATRON.

The New York Times columnist Matthew Mirapaul wrote about the release in his weekly column published the very same day.

There were over two dozen international exhibitions including a few historically relevant events like this one.

GRAMMATRON was the first of the three works in what I called my "net art" or "new media" trilogy. The other two were PHON:E:ME and FILMTEXT and, although I have made many other smaller net art works, these three are the ones that were featured in my four early career retrospectives. In fact, the "Avant-Pop: The Stories of Mark Amerika" net art retrospective in Tokyo is generally considered the first-ever net art retrospective and the follow-up "How To Be An Internet Artist" exhibition at the ICA in London the second such event (and the first in the UK/Europe).

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