Massive Links: Terence Koh Edition!


Artist Terrence Koh exhibits excellent use of a default photoshop gradiant. Via:

Terence Koh makes a lot of work, and not all of it is good. Peruse bunny holes though, the blog-like portion of his website, and you’re bound find some net art worth your time. I’ve compiled a list of some of the more awesome works I found on the site, and invite readers to add any additional links they find in the comments section for later reposting. Also, for those who enjoy a little cock from time to time, I’ve included a few of these pieces for good measure. As I recently noted; we’re not sporting nearly enough of that kind of thing around here!

Gerhart Richter meet Millie Vanilli (or Girl, You Know It’s True)
Men of the Internet meet The “WHITE PEOPLE” Wallpaper here today!
Craiglist meet 18 year horny male seeking same, (or ADVANCE OF ADVANCE)
A very slow cat slideshow (or 100 sentimental images of my cat)
SERGEI from the Romanian Olympics Running Team


Straight from Terence Koh at The Saatchi Gallery website:

The Darth Vader Toilet!