Eno Henze: Reality Foam

Eno Henze: Der Wirklichkeitsschaum / Cortices (excerpt)

Der Wirklichkeitsschaum (The Reality Foam) is an ambitious project by Berlin-based Eno Henze. The 10 x 3,5 meter image is a massive wall, created at low cost by mounting 288 A3 inkjet prints as a continous surface. The image itself depicts a complex structure of fine trails, created by tracing particles as they move across the surface. Attracted and repelled by attractors, they leave an intriguing network of nucleii and boundaries.

This interest in fine-grained structures is repeated in Cortices. Here, a folded surface created using Perlin noise is sampled and plotted. The resulting gossamer-like structure looks as though it has been frozen in motion.

Both works were created using VVVV, a tool that is more typically used for realtime applications. Henze’s pieces show that it is more than capable of producing works for print.