Lines of Flight -- New York

Jon Thomson

Lines of Flight

Dates: Opening Reception Friday, February 16, 4-7PM
Exhibition Tour Saturday, February 17th, 1-4PM
Location: Hunter College Main Campus 695 Park Ave. NY, NY 10021
Main Lobby, West Building and 543 Hunter North Building 212-650-3415

Curated by: Celina Jeffery and Gregory Minissale

Sponsored by: The Leonardo Education Forum, The Hunter College MFA in

Integrated Media Arts and Film and Media Department, The Savannah College of Art and Design and Bitforms Gallery.


Rafael Lozano Hemmer
Thomson and Craighead
Peter Horvath
David Crawford

Short description: Lines of Flight addresses the following themes: the lines between technological, scientific and artistic practices from differing cultural perspectives; the negotiated status of the (networked) artist as an agent interacting and transacting in a global context; the flight from the self in collective creativity; spatial mediation suggested by open, interactive, and real time systems; mediation between inclusions and exclusions, insiders and outsiders; and processes of taking flight from the gravity of digital capitalism, digital privilege, and stratification.