Antagonism, Hacks, and Hoaxes at Maryland Art Place

Hostility and Humor in a Post Post-Modern World
August 7- September 1, 2007

Maryland Art Place's upcoming exhibition, Antagonism, Hacks, and Hoaxes, features many of the area's most talented and outrageous artistic rabble-rousers. The twenty-two emerging artists and artist groups in the exhibition will exhibit avant-garde work that provides a humorously cynical take on contemporary consumerism and pop culture. Utilizing oppositional tactics, gimmicks, pranks, and absurdities, Antagonism, Hacks and Hoaxes gets to the unconventional core of conventional living.

Featured artists in the exhibition include: Aghost, Lara Emerling, Evie Falci, Michael Farley, Erin Gleeson, Natalie Jenison, Brian Kaspr, Dina Kelberman, Andrew Laumann, Rob Loucks, New Jedi Order, Robby Rackleff & Blue Leader, Jimmy Joe Roche, Jeremy Rountree, Ray Roy, Richard Sawka, Alexandr Skarlinski, Spectacular Society Corporation, Christopher Tate, Vishwam Velandy, Wham City, and Damon Zucconi.