Live Stage: Cross Current Resonance Transducer [online]


Cross Current Resonance Transducer (CCRT) AIRtime Performance / Presentation, 2007; 9:00 pm :: free103point9 Online Radio.

Live video and audio stream from CCRT AIRtime residency at Wave Farm. Cross Current Resonance Transducer is LoVid: Tali Hinkis & Kyle Lapidus and Douglas Repetto. During their AIRtime residency, CCRT will focus on two projects: 1) Data Collection Devices - an analysis of signals on the electromagnetic spectrum and telluric currents (signals in the earth) will inform CCRT’s development of measurement device sculptures. These devices exist both as aesthetic objects and as functional monitoring mechanisms, which will enable data recordings used in future projects. 2) Bonding Energy - a web-based project commissioned by, “Bonding Energy” is a model system for distributed microenergy generation. The system suggests new ways of thinking about renewable resources and to address global warming and climate change.