Re-Rendering Relics

Cory Arcangel has often compared playing classical guitar to computer programming, and he frequently practiced the latter with a guitar in his lap, while enrolled at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. In the last few years, the New York-based artist has garnered international acclaim for his works that marry his love of music and his fascination with video games. In his upcoming solo show, 'Subtractions, modifications, addenda, and other recent contributions to participatory culture,' Arcangel (who represents himself as part of the Beige 'programming ensemble') puts his degree in Technology in Music and the Related Arts to work. As in the past, the artist continues to appropriate existing material, including 'Richard Linklater's stoner classic Dazed and Confused, Guns and Roses' tune Sweet Child O' Mine, the Beatles' vaunted appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, Bruce Springsteen's legendary Born to Run LP and Dennis Hopper's 80s cop drama Colors.' (The press release is careful to list the 'original' authors of these works.) The title of the show implies a comment on network culture's provision of the material, tools, and distribution methods for participating in the manipulation of source material--which, in this case, shares a likeness with source code. In the end, Arcangel points not to the futility of claims to authorship or threats to the fidelity of appropriated content, but the extent to which new cultural conditions underscore the 'adaptability, fertility, and resilience' of cultural objects. His show opens September 29 and runs through November 4. It also inaugurates Team Gallery's new Soho space. - Marisa Olson