And/Or #7 ¦ Artificiel + Texelectronica

And/Or Show #6: Artificiel + Texelectronica

reception Friday, Oct 27th, 6pm-11pm.

We’ll be featuring a light and sound piece by the Canadian collective Artificiel, with their collaborator Pascale Malatarre designing the installation. The work is based on a simple concept: playing voice recordings through high power audio amplifiers and feeding them through large 1000 watt light bulbs. The tungsten and glass materials of the bulbs act as rich but band-limited filters, resulting sometimes in understandable whispers, other times purely synthetic tones, creating flowing and ebbing waves of light and sound.

At our opening reception, we will also be hosting additional digital art installations and performances by regional and international artists that are part of the Texelectronica Festival organized by UNT and the French Embassy. And be sure to check out their schedule for other events and the symposium that will be going on Thursday through Sunday.

Performances at the reception start at 8pm and will include Yao Bin, Frank Dufour, Washboard Leo, and some of the local Laptop Deathmatch crew.

And if that’s not enough, our awesome new neighbors, House of Dang, will be having a Halloween party next door!!