The GIF show
gif show

I'm in my first real show! With a whole bunch of awesome awesome people! This is really exciting... Marisa Olson (who's curating the show) put up a post with all the info, but I'll summarize: It opens Wednesday, May 3rd at RX Gallery in San Francisco. The other artists in the show are Cory Arcangel, Peter Baldes, Michael Bell-Smith, Jimpunk, Olia Lialina, Abe Linkoln, Lovid, Tom Moody, Paper Rad, Paul Slocum, and Matt Smear (aka 893/umeancompetitor). And it's all about GIFs! And Marisa made a zany Myspace profile for the show, YES!

Marisa says:
Everyone's showing GIFs, and some are also showing videos, works on paper, sound, and other cool related stuff. Together, their work shows the diversity of forms to be found in GIFs, and many of them comment on the broader social life of these image files.

Hence the Myspace page... GIFs grow, breed, and comingle sparklingly on Myspace.
Whoa, well put. Also, Tom Moody explains (in reference to this show and his upcoming solo show of GIFs):
Why GIFs? They're a relatively "open source" way to get ideas, in the form of moving images, out to broad audience. They are low or no cost to make, consume very little bandwidth, no one has to buy or download a proprietary player to play them. They have their own special charm, minimal in the way garage rock is minimal.
My video is called "Marathon" and will look like the image up there at the top of this entry, except those little dudes will be animated and running a non-stop icon marathon (in a never-ending hypnotic seamless loop.) It involves icons made using this popular website. If you're not farmiliar with these little guys, the idea is that you pick out a nose, eyes, hairstyle, etc., to make a little GIF face that resembles/represents you, and you can throw it up on your blog or Myspace or wherever. Here's one of me from a year or so ago:

These icons spread around like crazy on the net a bit ago. (More recently it was getting really popular to make full body doll icons of youself on this site. But, uh, warning: the site is really CPU-intensive and actually was what triggered my laptop hard drive to crash a month ago..whoa!!) Anyways, so excited to be in a show with all those awesome folks, and I hope I can make it to the opening (but since it's in the middle of the week and I have a midterm the next morning, argh, we'll see..)