American Ophoniste Idol

American Ophoniste Idol @ Monkey Town, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Tuesday November 21, 2006, 8.30pm, $8 entrance

AMERICAN OPHONISTE IDOL is the most prestigious title in international Ophoniste artistry. On Tuesday November 21, at Monkey Town, the 2006 winner will be crowned. The audience will see local noisemakers, para-symphonic alarmists, and the most infernally addicted loopaholics battle it out musically. The Ophonistes are judged by a panel of effusive yet stern NYC sound-passionates. After the American Ophoniste Idol is crowned, the celebration begins in which the Ophones are free for all to play with.

8.30 pm: Doors open
9-10.30 pm: American Ophoniste Idol
10.30 and onwards: Open Ophones

The FOUR OPHONES is an interactive sound installation that allows the users to record sounds that are replayed infinitely until replaced by other sounds. The installation provides a space for playful musical collaboration and language-independent conversations where the visitors themselves become composers, instrumentalists, and listeners at the same time. The Ophones foster everything from subtle interference etudes to collaborative chanting, semi-automated social commentary to dense polyrhytmic drone parties.

The Four Ophones have been exhibited at, among other places, Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, PixelACHE in Helsinki, and Mal au Pixel in Paris. The Four Ophones are on a New York tour November 16-22, 2006, coordinated by Brooklyn based curator Elna Svenle.

UNSWORN consists of Erik Sandelin and Magnus Torstensson, who are, apart from Ophone designers and manufacturers, an art and design duo based in Malmö, Sweden.

Monkey Town is located at 58 N 3rd Street (between Wythe and Kent) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Subway: L train to Bedford Ave. Phone: (718) 384 1369.