Drones and music charts at the bitforms gallery

bitforms gallery has just opened an exhibition with works by Bjoern Schuelke and by R. Luke Dubois.

4_drone.jpg 3_bjorninstall.jpg
Drone 6 and Installation shot

Schuelke is showing 12 of his Solar Kinetic Objects, sculptures powered and adorned by solar cells, some which employ tiny red blinking lights and propellers.; Nervous a fluffy bright ball of fur that shakes, emits beeps and funny sounds as viewers move closer to it (video from Beap04); the Aerophon #4, a motorized pipe organ that responds to motion with bellows of sound and compression of the instrument's body.

R. Luke Dubois' works explore the constructions of pop-cultural ephemera and its temporal value structure.

Billboard, a 37-minute sound installation for iPod, uses all the songs that topped Bilboard's Hot 100 chart chronologically since August 1958. Each of the 857 songs plays for one second, representing each week the song stayed at #1.

2_billboard.jpg 1_academy-1.jpg
Billboard and Academy

His video installation Academy arrays algorithmically determined visual averages of all the past Academy Award "Best Picture" winners since 1927, smearing film sets and actors together in time. In a third installation, Play, the flickering faces of every Playboy Magazine centerfold from the publication's first 50 years (1953 to 2004) meld together, emerging with a collective portrait.

The exhibition runs until July 15, 2006, at the bitform gallery, New York.

Via see art/make art. Images courtesy of the gallery. PDF of the press release.