Long-Distance Media Relationships

For three years, Chicago, Illinois-based artist John Kannenberg and Long Beach, California-based artist Glenn Bach have been collaborating cross-country. The two gather data, photos, sound, and other materials on their daily walks and upload them to the internet, to compare their respective residences. Next Sunday they'll take their collaboration across the pond, participating in a performative round of live file-mixing hosted at London's E:vent and organized by Furthernoise and curator Roger Mills. The curious can visit the space to witness the actions unfolding and see large-scale projections, but those stateside or elsewhere can also go online to watch the remixers work. At the end of the initial session, as Alex Young constructs post-performance soundscapes, audience members can also participate by uploading their own files and mashing-up their own MP3s or maps. The resulting images might resemble something like a 'global village.' - Marisa Olson