hektor goes CC

screen shot from hektor.net

hektor.net, my old skool (2000), award-winning and recently archived net.art project (say this ten times fast: The Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media, a Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, of the Cornell University Library) has just been (like, uploading as I hit the publish button) re-released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. I say something like this on the site:

Sorry to say that since I made this site, I’ve lost all my source flash files (dude, I was like, 23, and just starting out, you know?), but you are welcome to import and re-mix with whatever technologies you see fit / are able to. Click here to download this entire site in one zipped up file (30 MBs of movs, swfs, and html - I can’t believe I ever made sites without CSS).

Why, you ask? Well, it’s in celebration of the first iCommons iSummit, of course! I’ll be heading to Rio (w00t!) as the "Creative Commons Artist in Residence" on Wednesday. Watch this space for live blogging, and a CC/GPL re-release of [odys]elicit, too (will give compiled Apple/PC versions as well as source code, but you’ll need Director and the TTC-Pro Xtra - or their demo versions - for the latter).