Bump Up the Volume!

Have you ever wished that, with a simple click of your mouse, you could send shockwaves through a far away location? How about soundwaves? Artist Jaygo Bloom's latest work, BUMP, allows this power at a distance, in a fun package. Web surfers can visit his site to send 8-bit sonic blasts to three portable sound modules currently located at Futuresonic2006 festival venues, around Manchester. Enjoy the colorful, retro video game-style graphics at the site, and then fire at will, making your presence felt in the UK, no matter where you happen to be. Commissioned by the Lancaster, UK, arts organization Folly, BUMP's website evokes nostalgia for the era of Pac-Man and Zaxxon. It even captures some of the initial euphoria of the early internet by tracing optimistic intentions to use the net as a force for true global connectivity. Though BUMP calls itself 'an audible assault in locative media,' a scrolling message atop the front page reassures you, 'we love your ears.' - Michelle Kasprzak