Looking forward, Looking back

Harkness A/V is an ongoing collaborative Audio/Visual salon organized by Nick Hallett and Monkeytown, an art space and restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. On Friday July 21st, they will present an evening of works by renowned computer artist Lillian Schwartz and up-and-coming San Francisco-based video artist, Nate Boyce. Schwartz pioneered the field of computer-generated art beginning in the late 1960s, and her experimentations have served to legitimate the practice. While Schwartz utilized nascent computer technologies to establish a canonical aesthetic for the field, Boyce uses newish computer programs, such as Jitter and Maya, to recall the style of early video art. Side by side, the combination of these artists offers an interesting contrast between two generations of computer-produced art, between an era in which the present once aimed to foretell the future, and the future now aims to evoke the past. - Ceci Moss