Celebrating 40 Years of Leonardo: Archives now available on JSTOR
Kathleen Quillian:

Celebrating 40 Years of Leonardo
Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal Archives Now Available on JSTOR

At the age of 40, Leonardo Da Vinci was living in Milan and just beginning to hit his stride. He was dreaming of creating "The Gran Cavallo" and the painting of "The Last Supper" was soon to be commissioned.

On the eve of its 40th anniversary, Leonardo/ISAST, like its namesake, is hitting its stride. The new Leonardos in our network are busy creating the new art forms of our age. To promote and document the work of these artists who work at the intersection of art, science and technology, Leonardo/ISAST publishes several journals and a book series, co-sponsors conferences and events, sponsors an award program and collaborates with dozens of other like-minded organizations around the world.

Forty years ago Roy Ascott was working on his text The Cybernetic Stance, David Bohm was writing On Creativity, Alcopley was preparing his interview with Edgar Varese, and C.H. Waddington was writing New Visions of the World. These texts, along with those written by Richard Land, Frank Malina and others established the first volume of the Leonardo library.

We are happy to announce that these articles, along with thousands of other Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal texts by artists and researchers around the world working at the intersection of the arts, sciences and technology, are now available through the JSTOR Arts & Sciences III Collection. Current Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal subscribers can now search, browse, view, and print full-text PDF versions of the JSTOR collection for an additional $25 annual access fee. Contact MIT Press at journals-orders@mit.edu to set up your access today. The JSTOR Arts and Sciences III Collection is also available to users at participating institutions. To find out if the university or other institution you are affiliated with has access to Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal through JSTOR visit: http://www.jstor.org.

For a list of current Leonardo/ISAST events and activities, visit: http://www.leonardo.info