Random Acts of Music

Created by (at the time) Royal College of Art student Rolf Knudsen, Random Acts of Music are two prototype projects that cross the borders of product design and musical interaction.

Circular Rythm (shown above) allows you to record and playback sounds in a sequence. Picking up the can/jar shaped objects puts it into record mode, recording any environmental sounds through a microphone. Placing the objects on the circular discs puts them into playback mode. Each object contains a speaker from which the individual sounds are played, making the speaker playback part of the interaction.

Pixel Sound is a grid containing a variety of coloured plastic sheets. By placing a handheld object over a grid position, the intensity of light is used to control the tone of sound in Max/MSP. The darker the position, the lower the tone. By moving the detector along paths allows us to create patterns and squences.

Visit the project site for more pictures and videos.