After Image Show

The projects presented at Afterimage use the "bleaching" phenomenon as an interaction process. Our retinas have photoreceptors that change when struck by light. Under normal light levels the pigments in the photoreceptors are not drastically affected and recover in a short time. However, prolonged exposure to a light source bleaches these pigments to a point where they are unable to respond to any other change of light for several seconds. In this short time we experience the image as if it was printed on our retinas. This optical illusion is known as an afterimage. During this time, wherever we cast our gaze, this image will appear.


In Mind Frame, the audience discovers and recreates images in empty picture frames.

"The visitor is invited to hang any of five frames on a wall. In each, they see an abstract moving image composed of white dots. After the array of dots stops moving, an afterimage of a familiar painting is revealed in the otherwise blank frame. The moving dots create a more complex afterimage,