wappening #2! Get Rob an orange — QUICK!

Lee Walton:
At this very moment, Rob Bohn is holding a red jacket in his hand and standing on the corner of 23rd and Broadway near the Flatiron Building.

He is excruciatingly cold for he cannot wear his jacket unless he is given an orange.

Simply find a way to get an orange to him and he will thankfully put on his red jacket.

He will be standing on the corner until the sun sets - wearing or not wearing his red jacket.

He is depending on you.

M.River adds - Yikes! It’s cold in nyc today. Lee, how could you?!

M.River Update - T.Whid to the rescue! I just got a call at work from T. He has left his office near Madison Square Garden, picked up an orange and is headed down to save that kid Lee has standing out in the cold. He said he’ll call when he gets there.

M.River Update #2 - T.Whid just called. He gave the kid the orange and he put his coat on. T.Whid reports that the kid seemed very happy to see him. The kid said he started standing at 12:15. Behold the power of the net and a slow Friday afternoon at work.

twhid update (also cross-posted to Rhizome_RAW):
I had a strange sort of elation when I exited the subway and saw him still standing there freezing and knowing that I had his salvation bulging in my coat pocket.

Lee’s pieces along this line are a weird sort of flash anti-mob where only a few ‘in-the-know’ even know there’s art happening. A sly statement on the ‘special’ knowledge some contend one needs to appreciate some forms of contemporary art?

Also we need to coin a phrase for this type of work (MTAA has also made work along these lines). “net.flux