From The Western Edge

Edge Conditions, at the San Jose Museum of Modern Art, is a two-part exhibition surveying some of the most active and challenging digital art made in recent years. Part-one opened in June and consisted of two major installations: 'Listening Post' by Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin and Ingo Gunther's 'WordProcessor.' Both approach the cartography of language in significant ways, including a conceptual referencing of the social and technological spaces in which various forms of mediated communication occur. Part-two of the show features over a dozen artists and opened in conjunction with ISEA2006. While a number of international artists, such as Thomson & Craighead, Young-hae Chang, and Tamiko Thiel are included, the show also makes a concerted effort to underscore the wealth and diversity of new media artists practicing in Northern California. The presence of luminaries like C5, Jim Campbell, Ken Goldberg, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Alan Rath, and Gail Wight reinforce the ongoing significance of the Bay Area as a new media cultural center. The show's title refers to the conditions that develop in boundary-like spaces—whether they are between regions, fields, or more philosophical planes. If you have a chance to visit the museum between now and November 26, you'll see for yourself that these artists are certainly operating at the forefront of these already 'edgy' spaces. – Marisa Olson