Rhizome Promotion: Hosting Deals for Summer's End

Has August left you with spare creative time on your hands? Why not consider investing it in a project that will last far past the Summer's end: a web hosting plan from Broadspire. Rhizome partnered with Broadspire, a west coast ISP provider, three years ago. The compaby offers a range of affordable plans including a Starter Plan at $65 per year for 350MB disk storage, 1GB data transfer a month, POP email, free setup and daily content back-ups. Rhizome earns essential revenue whenever supportive readers like you purchase a hosting plan through Broadspire and mention 'Rhizome.org' in your sign-up form. As a thank you, Rhizome features all the sites we host on a dedicated page in what is now a long list of artists, bloggers, designers, and other Rhizome supporters from all over the new media arts field. Take the plunge, and sign up for a hosting plan today. - Rhizome.org