from Harvard Free Culture: Dare. To Share. With Us.

Their text (borrowed):

Harvard Free Culture presents Sharing is Daring, a showcase of new & derivative artworks released under flexible licenses that allow for sharing & remixing. The exhibition will feature a range of graphic, photography, video, and multimedia works by: ~ Abram Stern ~ Matt Vance ~ Elton Lovelace ~ Brian Zbriger ~ Suburban Kids with Biblical Names ~ Shanying Cui ~ Ben Sisto ~ Tim Jacques ~ Rebecca Rojer ~ Greg Perkins ~ Ryan Sciaino ~ David Meme ~ Matt Boch & Claire Chanel ~Selections from the 100 Second Film Festival ~

Thurs., Apr. 27, 2006 at 8pm at the Adams Artspac, Harvard University, Plympton at Bow St., Cambridge, MA. (map)

Food and drink will be served.

The show will run from April 27 - May 6. For more information, go to SharingIsDaring or contact here.

About Harvard Free Culture

Harvard Free Culture is a student group dedicated to promoting cultural participation and open intellectual property policy in the digital age. It seeks to reach out to artists, creators, technologists, and policymakers alike to address these issues and promote access to culture and knowledge. More information is available at Harvard Free Culture.