DATA Browser 03


Curating Immateriality

The third book in the DATA Browser series of critical texts that explore issues at the intersection of culture and technology has just been published. The site of curatorial production has been expanded to include the space of the Internet and the focus of curatorial attention has been extended from the object to processes to dynamic network systems. As a result, curatorial work has become more widely distributed between multiple agents, including technological networks and software. This upgraded 'operating system' of art presents new possibilities of online curating that is collective and distributed - even to the extreme of a self-organising system that curates itself. The curator is part of this entire system but not central to it. This book reflects on these changes and examines the work of the curator in relation to a wider socio political context articulated through two key issues: immateriality and network systems. It considers how the practice of curating has been transformed by distributed networks beyond the rhetoric of free software and open systems.


0100101110101101.ORG & [epidemiC] | Josephine Berry Slater | Geoff Cox |
Alexander R. Galloway & Eugene Thacker | Olga Goriunova & Alexei Shulgin |
Beryl Graham | Eva Grubinger | Piotr Krajewski | Jacob Lillemose | low-fi |
Franziska Nori | Matteo Pasquinelli | Christiane Paul | Trebor Scholz |
Grzesiek Sedek | Tiziana Terranova | Marina Vishmidt

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The DATA browser series presents critical texts that explore issues at the intersection of culture and technology. The editorial group are Geoff Cox, Joasia Krysa, Anya Lewin, Malcolm Miles, Mike Punt & Hugo de Rijke. This volume is produced in association with Arts Council England and University of Plymouth.