QuickTime Asynchrony - Split (Head) (QuickTime)
QuickTime Asynchrony - Split (Blinds) (QuickTime)
QuickTime Asynchrony - Slide (Dance) (QuickTime)
QuickTime Asynchrony - Slide (Cup) (QuickTime)

My latest project is Asynchrony. It's a set of four interactive sketches for the simultaneous visualization of multiple points in time within video. When combined with time-lapse or looped video clips, each sketch generates a crudely synthesized image of different time points in video, all within the shared space of the visual frame.

The four sketches are called Slide, Smudge, Split and Splotch. Split and Slide, shown above, divide the video frame into static or animated rectangular regions, each of which can have its own time flow. For further information and videos of all sketches, visit the project page.

The initial impetus for these sketches was thinking about a way to quickly play with different split-screen layout ideas. And because I've long been interested in both split-screen films and time-lapse videos, part of the appeal of this project was that I was able to bring those two interests together under the umbrella concept of organizing images of multiple time points within a shared frame.