Machine Paintings

Anton Perich has lead a varied existence from the mid 60s as an artist. Up until the 1970s he was an active member of the Letrist Group, around that time he also ran an international underground film program, showing films by Mekas, Warhol and Heliczer among others and later in the 70s he contributed, as a photographer, to Warhols INTERVIEW Magazine. However the reason for this post is to give some attention to his Machine Paintings which give credence to his claim of being a pioneer in electric/digital/computer art.

'In 1977-78 I designed and built an electric painting machine (an early predecessor of the ink jet printer/scanner) and in 1979 I had my first show of electric paintings at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery in New York.'

It appears if the wonderful Hektor has a forgotten grandfather. Jürg Lehni's Hektor is a robot graph master and one of a kind, not content will the fads of wildestyle he is also adept at reproducing William Morris designs. Check out some of Hektors recent work.