Books of Sand

Books of Sand features a glass box filled with sand. It also involves a computer, a camera, a projector, and hypertexts taken from the Web. When viewers sift the sand through their fingers, projected codes from the Web interact with the movement of their hands. The text moves as a fluid and then disappears.

libros19.jpg libros11.jpg

By Mariano Sardón.

Books of Sand will be unveiled Nov. 3 at the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, Missouri.

See also SandScape. Users view simulations of landscape as they are projected on a sand model that represents the terrain. The users can choose from different simulations that highlight the height, slope, contours, shadows, drainage or aspect of the landscape model. They can alter the form of the landscape model by manipulating sand while seeing the resultant effects of computational analysis generated and projected on the surface of sand in real-time.