CFP: LEF Exhibition @ CAA 2006
iconEddie Shanken:

Call for participation in the LEF exhibition concurrent with CAA in Boston, February 22-25:


Curated by Legier Biederman and Dave Burns/Leonardo Education Forum (LEF)


Works on video that convey and/or solicit embodied subjects and/or embodied responses, and thus potentially rupture and/or problematize the notion that acts of viewing cohere us as the discrete and transcendent origins of vision and knowledge.

The exhibition will be held at Art Interactive in Cambridge and includes screens curated by the New Media Caucus and by Art Technology Boston. A reception will be held on Thursday, Feb 23 from 6-9pm, so mark your calendars!

To download details and submission information, please see:

Entry is open to LEF members and non-members alike.

For more information on LEF: /Leonardo/isast/events/leonardocaa.html

Please address queries to Legier Beiderman: lbiederm at