you can adopt ascii chewy
Jason Van Anden:
Hi Again,

I am not sure if its ascii fatigue or what but I did not get much of a response from my posting about my new piece: ascii chewy. Perhaps I did not describe it well enough - so I will take another shot:

"ascii chewy" is an ascii based emotive life form and improvisational comic strip that dwells within your browser.

Its written entirely in javascript. It is intended to be adopted and hosted via iframes on OPS (other people's sites). Chewy's behavior will become more articulate and interesting as I have the time to add to his re-pet-oire. I am offering him to non-commercial websites for free via a Creative Commons license.

Everything you need to know about this can be found here:

ascii chewy does not require powerpoint.

Which one of you early adopters would like to be the earliest?

Jason Van Anden