xavier cahen


Member Since January 7, 2002

Born 1962, he studied at the "Ecole Nationale Superior des Beaux Arts of Paris". During this period, he produced several monumental works and obtained numerous prizes. Following his graduation, yearning to travel, he decides with the aid of an American scholarship to go to live in the United States. He attends post graduate studies at Hunter College (New York).

It is in this context that his work feeds on and personalizes itself. He turns towards the domain of multi-media installations, of social and scenographic nature. Sensitive to the diversity of the situations and preoccupied with the different groups he meets, he heads towards the achievement of works in their own environment.

- www.levels9.com 2000
- Wild Exhibition (Paris) and J-J Donguy galery1998 - Tomy's room - J-J Donguy Galery (Paris)1995 - In Between - Lokaal 01 (Baarla Nassau) Netherlands1995 - La Boulangerie Ragueneau du Piano Vache (Paris) 1994 - My Little Store E 11th Street (New York) 1993 - Ecole Nationale Sup