vicky isley


Member Since January 31, 2002

Collaborating as boredomresearch, Southampton based Vicky Isley and Paul Smith have gained an international reputation for interrogating the creative role of computing. Their enthusiasm for scientific modelling techniques and fascination with natural systems inspires them to produce beautifully crafted software art that presents an exciting alternative to our technologically fraught lives. Currently, they are both Research Fellows in Computer Animation & Computer Art at the National Centre of Computer Animation, Bournemouth University UK.

boredomresearch aim to create engaging digital artworks, developing themes and crossing boundaries between science, art and technology. They have produced a number of interactive sound applications, public artworks, online projects and computational soundscapes which have been shown both nationally and internationally at events such as ACE, Hollywood (2006), Third Iteration, Melbourne (2005), SIGGRAPH, Boston (2006) & LA (2005), Transmediale.05, Berlin (2005), FILE04, Brazil (2004), NOW, Nottingham (2004), Data:base, Dublin (2003), Electrohype, Sweden (2002), Garage, Germany (2002) and within online exhibitions such as VIDA 7.0 Art & Artificial Life International Competition,, and Dots & Line, BBC online exhibition.

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