Thomas Petersen


Member Since January 1, 1996


At some point in the eighties he switched on his Commodore computer, thereby putting serious strain on his social life for the next many years, not to mention the family’s phone bill. This event triggered a development from pixelpushing to a serious involvement in any type of technological art. At this point he’s trying to mold and promote this field from all possible vantage points. Working from the assumption that these art forms are an integral and necessary part of art history, he is active within writing, curating, teaching and the production of digital artworks. Explore his own works at He is also a founder and co-editor of, a web magazine which grew out of the now defunct net art site He has an MA in Aesthetics and Culture from the University of Aarhus with a thesis on 20th century practices within technological art. He lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.