Sean Ripple

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Repetition and RecontextualizationReplication and VariationLimitation and ExplorationImpulse and RevisionThe daily made versus the grand expression…My work often begins from a point of derivation or mimicry and is not limited to a specific medium. From my awkward line and shoddy paint application to my practice of realizing quick little videos that I can upload and be done with in no more than 30 minutes (get in line right?), I find that I’m constantly looking to create something other than what I am creating. This impatience with realization, which is reinforced by formal failure and half-heartedly glossed over with adopted stylization from contemporary sources, allows for impulsively derived variation and is an expression of indecisiveness and inadequacy in a world of ever-increasing choice and technological proficiency.I feel that my work is closely related to folk art… the kind of art Grandma Moses might make if she used a computer and had an interest in the conceptual.
Thanks for the post… really enjoyed it. Might you be able to clarify the following two paragraphs for me?

"The ideal of truth inherent in its entirely unpretentious objectivity, at ...