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Santiago Ortiz (Bogotá, Colombia, 1975) studied Mathematics at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia; he also studied music and literature. He has taught at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Porto in Portugal, and at the Departments of Arts and Mathematics of the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá. He has been a Professor of the Masters in Art and Technology at the European University of Madrid, and he teaches classes in Digital Design at the European Institute of Design in Madrid, among others. He is co-founder of the magazine for digital art and culture Blank, and a constant collaborator of the MedialabMadrid.

Co-founder of

His works are related with the intersections between art and science, artificial life, languages and narrative, information spaces and education. He publishes digital works, information about exhibnitions and texts in

He has taken part in collective exhibitions with installations and interactive art, including:

Emoção Artificial, São Paulo, 2008

RAM, Lisboa, 2008

Visualizar (teacher), Medialab Prado, Madrid, 2007

Emergentes, Laboral Centro de Arte, Gijón, 2007

Transitio\_MX, México, 2007

FILE 2006, Rio de Janeiro

Museo tamayo, personal exhibition, México, 2006

ARS ELECTRONICA, Hybrid-living in paradox, Linz, 2005

banquete\_comunicación en evolución (comunication on evolution), Madrid, 2005.

Juego Doble, Centro Cultural de España, México D.F., 2005.

Periférico, a collective session of sound art, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico D.F., 2004

La mirada invertida, installation, Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid, 2004.

He has also shown his work in the solo exhibition El inventor de Historias -código, lenguaje y complejidad-, MediaLabMadrid, Madrid, 2004.

banquete\_ metabolismo y comunicación (metabolismo and communication), Madrid, 2003.

He lives and works in Portugal and Spain.