Samuel Monnier

Member Since July 31, 2009

Samuel Monnier is a physicist and algorithmic artist based in Piscataway, NJ."My compositions are instances of algorithmic art, namely art produced by algorithms. An algorithm is a set of unambiguous rules applied to some data to produce a result. The algorithmic artist does not create a work directly, but rather devises an algorithm which will yield a work. My algorithms are executed on a computer, which performs computations and logical operations to produce a digital image.The resulting compositions are purely abstract. Accordingly, they do not carry any title; a mere number is assigned to each of them for convenience. Yet, they display ubiquous fractal structures which have numerous analogs in Nature. The bark of a trunk, a rocky cliff, the surface of a planet display everywhere details on a large scale range, what makes their visual richness and beauty. I am striving to reproduce this characteristic in the purely abstract context of my works.To this end, most of my compositions are constructed on the idea of "pattern piling". Copies of a simple pattern are created at various size scales and are merged together. This technique allows to produce images so complex that they could never have been imagined, let alone realized, by a bare human mind. Each of them forms a little abstract world, where shapes and colors are combined according to simple rules to produce a highly complex picture in which the observer's eye can wander and get lost."Samuel Monnier