ruth catlow


Member Since October 20, 2002

Ruth Catlow was born in London 1968.

Ruth is an artist and co director of She works with a range of digital and network media as well as sculpture, writing, music and drawing, exhibiting in the streets and other public spaces, in galleries and on the Internet. Most of the works connect with specific (often unsuspecting) audiences in a specific condition i.e. on their way to work, doing the shopping, taking the kids to school etc. Or they intersect strangely with dominant and pre established genres in the mass media such as pornography on the Internet. In this way Ruth communicates her intimate and often raw perception of the big human subjects of love, sex, community, responsibility and freedom.

'A Diary of Objects in the Streets' is a website which documents the impromptu siting of a series of portable sculptures in public spaces with photographs and diary commentaries. The sculptures, made from materials and objects found in the streets, break with the conventions of interaction in London's public spaces.

Other recent projects explore personal expressions/representations of sexuality both domestic and mythic. They are Domestic Idols (selected by Sarah Cook for Lo-Fi), Mesmerized and Time to Smell the Flowers. Latest projects include a series of short films for the web such as 'Responsibility is yours' featured by Zbooks and 'One Among 400,000' a javascript driven collage of text, image and sound about the protest in London to stop the war against Iraq.

Ruth is co-director of, formed in partnership with artist, Marc Garrett in 1996 as an alternative platform for the creation, promotion, and archiving of new work for public viewing and interaction. Furtherfield collaborates with independent visual artists, digital/net artists, writers, critical thinkers, musicians and noisemakers with a special focus on work developed and produced outside the recognised institutional support structures (colleges, galleries, corporate and public funding). explores new and imaginative strategies for communicating ideas and issues in a range of digital & terrestrial media contexts.

Furtherfield's activities focus on presenting works online and organising global, contributory projects, which exist simultaneously on the Internet, the streets and public venues.