Roberto Echen


Member Since January 1, 1996


Roberto Echen -rechen- was born in Rosario, Argentina. Rosario is a city near Buenos Aires (300 km) with about 900,000 habitants.

In Argentine TV was born a few years before him. When he was a child TV was a kind of ghost.

He studied engineering till 5th (6th was the last) but he gave it up to devote himself to art. It was about 1980. Since then rechen has been working on art (on disciplines like painting, etching, video, etc).

He is a self-taught artist (this is never really true). He's received some awards (mostly with his paintings but some other with digital works).
Since 1987 rechen has been teaching at the School of Fine Arts of the National University of Rosario. He was reticent to incorporate computer technology (because he had some negative thaughts about the relationship between power and technology) but in 1997 (more exactly in november) he had his first computer and he changed his mind about it. Some time later he incorporated internet with the aim to make art on the net. He made his first web-art exhibition in the year 2000. This first exhibition was placed at a site devoted to art in Rosario named rosariarte (

Since then he devoted to build his own site ( with his net art works and some articles on art.

He recently joined a group of research on art and technology which belongs to the University of Rosario and the University has aproved the constitution of their own center of research. Their idea is that the Center works through internet instead of having a phisical place. He is now building the site for the Center.