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Special Newsletter: It is Carnival - Paulo Villela


Paulo Villela, the more "carioca *" Artist that I know, has an amazing
drawing. It was said once that his drawing has French style and English
sense of humour. I agree. Villela will launch another new exhibition: "E
CaRnaval!" (It is Carnival), at the Restaurant Botequim, Visconde de
Caravelas Street, 184, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. The vernissage will be on
2007 February 5th, 19:00. The exhibition will be opened until 2007 April
8th, daily, during the time in which the restaurant will be opened.

During the vernissage it will be launched the book "Guia do Carnaval de Rua,
Rio de Janeiro" (Rio de Janeiro, Street Carnival Guide"), Published by Bei,
with cover and drawings by the artist.

Paulo Villela loves the "carioca" carnival, he loves carnival so much and
because of this he founded with his family the Carnavalesque Parade "Zona
So" (Only Mess), It parades every year during the carnival and all Paulo
Villela's family parades together!

Browser at:
(scroll down)

There you will find:

- a miniature of the exhibition "E Carnaval!" ,

- a link to the artist web page,

- links to his works at the museum: Envy, Pride, Baroque, Medieval and
Virtual Vernissage,

- the 2006 parade of the carnavalesque parade "Simpatia e Quase Amor",
which parades with the t-shirt created by the artist,

- his work to the "Rancho Carnavalesco Flor do Sereno" (Carnavalesque Parade
Night Watchman's Flower), 2007: t-shirt and CD ROM cover, that had
Petrobras' sponsor,

- an interview

- and much fun!
(scroll down)

;-) Enjoy!!! Enjoy!!! Enjoy!!! Enjoy!!! Enjoy!!! Enjoy!!! Enjoy!!! Enjoy!!!

Carnival is Art and " o Artista tem que ir aonde o povo esta".

* Carioca is who is born in Rio de Janeiro, a true carioca has to love his
city and culture with madness.


Regina Celia Pinto

Museum of the Essential and Beyond That

Library of Marvels

Snowmen Congress



The Snowmen Congress is over, see the highlights: lectures and performances

Dear all,

THE SNOWMEN CONGRESS IS OVER! (scroll down) (scroll down) (scroll down)

As you certainly know, the Snowmen Congress ( ) finished last Wednesday. It was really
a hard work to organize the congress and to care of snowpeopple. They were
always saying: -What a heat, I am going to melt!!! But all this work was
rewarded by the wonderful lectures and performances we had. I have to thank
a lot to Lord Gypsy that came with the Rolidei Caravan from Brazil North
East ( ) and made to snow
here. The stage was built on Ipanema Beach ( ) and, at night, there was
many, many people there watching the lectures and performances by
snowpeople. It was really a great success!

Below you have some highlights:

1) - Global Warming and our destiny... (Lecture) -

2) - I am dreamed of snow boiling... (Performance) -

3) - Lord Gypsy and the Rolidei Caravan - Bye Bye Brasil (Performance) -

4) - The Chocolate Snowman Bad (?) Performance -

In his classic work Raizes do Brasil (Roots of Brazil), historian Sergio
Buarque de Holanda writes that the Brazilian experience is unique: we
constitute a unique, vast and effective effort to transplant European
culture in a tropical and sub-tropical region. As a result of our process of
civilization, our culture has always valued foreigners, and our art-both
tropicalist and anthropophagic-habitually values and devours everything that
comes from abroad, recycling it and returning it to the circuit with our own
distinctive timber.

5) - Samba Trash (Performance) -

6) - Snowpeople: Roles and Representations (Lecture) -

If you visit first you will find there links to all
these lectures and performances .

I would like to thank:

Adriana Dorfman, Brigitte Neufeldt, Bryan Mackern, David Inkey, Eduardo
Santos, Jeremy Hight, Martha L. Deed, Patrick-Henri Burgaud, Paulo Villela
and Reiner Strasser by their wonderful colaboration sending me the
snowpeople and comments. You will find their names and their URLS at .

It is necessary:
Flash Player 8.0, Quick Time Pluggin 7.1.3 and a very fast connection. I
tested it using a PC with Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla Firefox1.5.0.9.

Comments will be welcome!

All best,



Regina Celia Pinto

Museum of the Essential and Beyond That -

Library of Marvels -


My first 2007 message.

Dear Rhizomers,

Let's start 2007 with a little bit of fun, the world is so hard nowadays,
let's forget violence and war and injustice for a while...

The Snowmen Congress: , go down by the scroll bar.

Some new snowmen arrived to the congress, including a delegation of Santas
and a SNOWWOMAN !!! (Try to find her...)

Eduardo Santos (I am sure that the congress will be suspense because of the
problems with the air service in Brazil nowadays)

Jeremy High (another cool and refreshing project......nice... hope this
fits: a snowman from Texas ..........was fun to make)

Martha Deed ( One could say the snowman shows the universality of the
holiday spirit. That would sound rather pleasant. Or -- you could say the
illustrates the homogenization or the erasure of cultural differences and

Patrick Burgaud (Hearing about an important worldwide snowmen congress, we
wish to send a large delegation of various snowmen.)

Paulo Villela (a Rio's 40 degrees melting snowmen)

Reiner Strasser ( a delegation of cakes cooked Santas)

... and much more!

Send your snowman or woman (photo, text, draw, movie or animation) to, subject: Snowmen Congress, deadline: January

All best,