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I am a deliberately marginal designer who tosses out posters about triathlon because there are no new media centers. Belgrade is four times bigger than Ljubljana.
July 10 2009 20:07 on On Tour

Final statement


Brian Droitcour emailed me about meeting in Belgrade during his travels. He did not specify purpose of his trip. I thought he was one of many people ...
July 9 2009 09:58 on On Tour

if you offer your points of you i promise i will not sue, there you go, spill your guts, you should offer your point of view of course
July 9 2009 09:58 on On Tour

i have threatened only yesterday, you had from sunday afternoon to respond?
July 9 2009 09:13 on On Tour

@ andy

i am sure i sound angry here, but believe me, me and some friends here who get this stuff, we have not laughed so hard in ages. i mean ...
July 9 2009 06:24 on On Tour

also not many people realize that classification of internet art by countries an especially by purely political regions is completely idiotic. brian focuses on see which is another term for ...
July 9 2009 06:09 on On Tour

> Whether it is fair to Brian is unclear, but it is funny.

i am way beyond thinking about this in terms of brian. his name is there by accident ...
July 9 2009 04:47 on On Tour

if he just told me he is writing an article, if he just asked for any info from me, a statement or anything, if he just sent me the text ...
July 9 2009 04:26 on On Tour

> Michael Szpakowski

here are some facts i would like you to consider:

- brian was in my home as a guest, we chatted, i said i enjoy having a new ...
July 8 2009 18:28 on On Tour

you have comments by at least 6 people on this forum who confirm this article is bogus. anyone i ask will confirm it. brian acted unethically. i mean, how much ...
July 8 2009 17:48 on On Tour

@Michael Zeltner

you are focusing on one part of what I have said. i clearly stated many times i do not wish to express my private problems and you forget ...
July 8 2009 13:23 on On Tour

i mean, trust me, i would not react as i am reacting, if there was not a serious issue behind this.

i do not want to be forced to explain ...
July 8 2009 13:17 on On Tour

thanks matthew

that is one fortunate effect which is probably 10% of the audience

however, assumptions must not be made on the top 10% best experiences, what is damaging is ...
July 8 2009 12:33 on On Tour

why are people telling me to let it go?

i am sure that if someone wrote nonsense about you you would not feel different…

about an athlete friend of mine ...
July 8 2009 07:37 on On Tour

yeah but this article will get high on google and brian's nonsense will define my identity probably for next 50 years on search engines cause i do not have time ...
July 7 2009 22:46 on On Tour

i am reading further

amazing LITTLE ljubljana and SEE from Venezia to Athens

i mean this enough is super bizarre

the more i read this the more i think this ...
July 7 2009 22:25 on On Tour

this stupid article is already climbing on "nikola tosic" results.

brian's retarded rubbish will soon define how clients and partners see me - as a deliberately marginal designer from southeast europe ...
July 7 2009 22:20 on On Tour


I am super angry at all this.

I do not understand why it is taking 4 days to delete one paragraph.

I just can not think about anything else.
July 7 2009 20:03 on On Tour

ok i was a bit too arrogant to say i understand how written word works. i do not understand this. but i respect it. i am afraid of it.
July 7 2009 19:55 on On Tour

rafael's energy is amazing. he always moves and creates. non stop.

thanks curt as well, we have not chatted in a while.

u can see who took over your work ...
July 7 2009 19:28 on On Tour

i have sent a super long email explaining in as much detail i could why i should be taken out of this article. for some reason there is no reaction ...
July 7 2009 19:14 on On Tour


ok this is getting weird now rafael…
July 7 2009 10:44 on On Tour

from legal point of view i am sure i have strong arguments

- he used my images without permission
- he did not follow journalist protocol
- he used triathlon team brand, ownership ...
July 7 2009 10:38 on On Tour

i mean just imagine, you have a guy in your home, and u just hang out, i mean he was here and he said he was translator and he works ...
July 7 2009 10:27 on On Tour

> If there are FACTUAL errors in the article, point them out to the editor's of Rhizome and surely they'll post a correction.

i emailed a list of errors to ...
July 7 2009 08:57 on On Tour

sorry it took so long, my press agent was on vacation in capri and his phone was off
July 7 2009 08:42 on On Tour

As per your request following people will confirm my arguments regarding above discussion:

Queen of Spain
Bill Gates
Salvador Dali
the girl next door
High Priest of Burma
Editor of ...
July 7 2009 05:21 on On Tour

Email me your phone number or skype to

My skype is nikolatosic.

And I will explain.

Writing here seems not to change anything.

It is not possible ...
July 7 2009 05:15 on On Tour

No one writes about me and this is how I like it now. I am not interested in press. If I do need press I will write a press release ...
July 6 2009 21:41 on On Tour

For sure I can write an article about my experience of Brian's visit. That sounds fair. Offer my point of view.
July 6 2009 20:40 on On Tour

I mean it is a joke this happens after I have been with Rhizome for almost a decade.

You guys should really rethink who you let write for you and ...
July 6 2009 19:52 on On Tour

I have taken my works out of Artbase (except my latest work does not care to respect my art nor offer me a chance to defend ...
July 6 2009 19:21 on On Tour

> he verified that he did speak to you about writing this travelogue

than Brian is a liar
not only there was no discussion about him writing anything but what ...
July 5 2009 16:25 on On Tour

Final statement:

now finally that my adrenalin dropped a bit i can focus and write a slightly more objective statement regarding the brian droitcour ...
July 5 2009 14:18 on On Tour

Regaring the part which focuses on me (Nikola Tosic), this article is a complete misinterpretation by writer Brian Droitcour. Not only did he completely mistake on number of details but ...