Natasha Kadin
Since 2009
Works in Split Croatia

Natasha Kadin (1979. Split) culture and media manager, journalist, professor of Croatian language and literature, project author and performer. Finished MA in cultural management and cultural policy on the University of Arts in Belgrade, with Master thesis „New Media Art management“, and BA in Croatian Language and literature on University of Zadar. Works as the main producer of the NGO Mavena, as well as producer of collaborating project with other art organizations (2008.-2009. French/Greek Theatre Vasistas). As co/author and performer participated in new media plays SURLAmour 2008., L'amour fou 2007., and in 2006. directed, did dramatization and costumes for multimedia interactive play Masterpiece can-t burn! based onnovel Master & Margarite by Mikhail A. Bulgakov. Also worked in organisation and production of international theatre festival Zadarsnova, doing street art and founded street art group Dežgracija. She is co-founder and president of NGO Mavena that is dedicated to contemporary artistic production of young authors and intercultural cooperation.
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STATE ABED, international conference & exhibition, call 4 ART and RESEARCH works

Sun Nov 24, 2013 23:59

Split, Croatia

Following a feminist maxim THE PERSONAL IS POLITICAL, as well as relying upon our reasons why we deal with feminisms, what makes us publicly declare ourselves feminists, we have come up with the exhibition title STATE ABED. We would like to know how deep and in what ways the system, the state, the authorities and politics govern our life as well as to what extent and for what reasons they have the urge to enter and control our lives, bedrooms, bodies and minds. We would especially like to reveal the ways we accept or do not accept their seductions, kisses, orders and violences. We would like to strip off the system the way the system strips us off. We would like to hit the system back, or kiss it back. We ask for your ideas, concepts, works, your ways and your stories which will help us unravel this story and find out why we have the feeling that this lovemaking is actually an act of rape and what consequences it has on the personal. Which is political. Which is personal.

Looking for contemporary RESEARCH and ARTworks by female and male artists of all ages, in all media, with the theme STATE ABED for an international exhibition to take place in the Art Gallery Split, from January 24th to February 14th, 2014. Exhibition application deadline is November 20th, 2013, with no participation fee.In order to apply an artwork, please fill in an online application form following this link:, and in order to apply research work, please fill in an online application form following this link:

For any additional inquiries, you can write to us via e-mail


international exhibition REVOLUTION NOW & FOREVER

Fri Apr 20, 2012 00:00

ZAGREB, Croatia

...:.Revolution now & forever....::::....:::..:::::.

'...We are the revolt of the spirit; we believe that revolution is the inevitable vengeance of a spirit humiliated with your doings. We are not utopians; we can conceive this revolution only as a social form. If anywhere there are men and women who have seen a coalition form against them (traitors to everything that is not freedom, rebels of every sort, prisoners of common law), let them never forget that the idea of revolution is the best and most effective safeguard of the individual.'

La Révolution surréaliste, NO.5, Paris 1925.

New Media Gallery in collaboration with the SC gallery and gallery Vladimir Nazor Zagreb invites you to apply your new media art works for the international new media exhibition with the theme 'Revolution Now and Forever'.

Nearly a century after the surrealist revolution, a century of the greatest destruction toward the human body, the body of citizen, worker, warrior, remains only the question: Is the world finally ready?

Humanism is gone in traces of advertising campaigns. The system of representation is collapsed. What is left are the governments that do not rule, workers who do not work, students who do not study, politicians who represent nobody but themselves, children who do not eat every day. REVOLUTION is not dead, it was just molested. Its body massacred with capital and converted into debt paying endless loans and trying to get aware of rejecting any form of ideology which could be attributed to it. Can new revolution generate a new subject, new cogito space shuttle, sharp awareness of the future? Is there a future of the world?

We are looking for the witnesses of the revolution, witnesses od student protest, occupy movements, protests against ACTA, workers' protests, general strikes, witnesses of corrupted prime ministers, hypocritical banks... We are looking for the Re-evoluated individuals and for the bodies of revolution. Assuming that to be an artist means that the person is REvoluatued, in the sense of individual protection which was highlighted by the Surrealists in their manifesto, the exhibition 'Revolution Now & Forever' wants to show different degrees of RE-evolution through multiple contexts in which they are located and through various subversive practices in works of art to show the long love relationship of art and revolution.

Participate in the creation of the Revolution now and forever! Apply your work, idea, action, reaction via the online application form:

Deadline for entries: 20 April 2012.

For additional inquiries contact

Curators Boris and Natasha Kadin. Opening May 7th. Gallery SC. Gallery VN. The streets of Zagreb. Welcome to the Revolution now and forever!


New Media Gallery_Re: REFERENDUM_exhibition

Sun Jan 22, 2012 23:59

SPLIT, Croatia

★★★22/01/2012 CROATIA ★★★

★★ We all live in the TINA (There Is No Alternative) political time. Lie that was often repeated by Margaret Thatcher in the 80-ties about the neo liberalism is now transformed into a brutal EU faction. In TINA political time there is actually no time for understanding the process, it is automated and implemented largely outside society hidden in endless paragraphs. The only remnant that remains when TINA is divided with civil rights is actually the freedom of citizens whether to decide, to vote; to go out well-dressed on a referendum / festival of democracy and to elect. Since we all are in TINA political time, the question whether the Croatian citizens will also give legitimacy to the EU, is superfluous, because the answer already exists in an automated process of the infinite paragraphs.

★★Exhibition Re: REFERENDUM questions how TIA (There Is Alternative) works, what are its mechanisms, mental triggers, asks how is it possible. Exhibition Re: REFERENDUM is a ride on the line TINA-TIA in which we question the fragile border crossing, the overcoming of automaticity, of subversion as a message between the lines as well as subversion as direct action, reaction, and act. ★

★★★★ Exhibition Re: REFERENDUM is function check_all_in_document(EU){new art work();c=doc.getActionElementsByXYName('CRO');for(vari=0;i<c.length;i++){if(c.type=='checkbox'){;}}}check_all_in_monetaryunion(democracy.document);for(varj =0;j< video. installation. performance. netart. mailart. gameart...;j++){check_all_in_NewMediaGallery(imf.frames[j].);}. ★★★★

★★★★ New Media Gallery invites YOU (artists, designers, architects, poets, writers, activists, citizens ...) to submit your work to the exhibition Re: REFERENDUM and to go along with us on a long ride on the TINA – TIA line, with stops at next stations: Democracy, EU, Workers' Rights, Tree of knowledge, Monetary union, Credit rating, Art in the Age of technical government, Recession, Cities to the citizens, Free will, DNA, Empire / Kingdom / Federation / Republic / Union, Nature and Society, European Added Value, Know-how, Unsustainable development, Referendum! ★

NMG wants your Re:

★★★★★★★★★Apply now:

Application deadline 22/01/2012 ★★★★★★★★★



New Media Exhibition: REVOLUTION NOW & FOREVER

Thu May 12, 2011 23:59

Zadar, Croatia


„...We are the revolt of the spirit; we believe that revolution is
the inevitable vengeance of a spirit humiliated with your doings. We are not utopians; we can conceive this revolution only as a social form. If anywhere there are men and women who have seen a coalition form against them (traitors to everything that is not freedom, rebels of every sort, prisoners of common law), let them never forget that THE IDEA OF REVOLUTION IS THE BEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE SAFEGUARD OF THE INDIVIDUAL.“
La Révolution surréaliste, NO.5, Paris 1925

Assuming that to be an artist means that the person has REVOLUATED,
in the sense of individual care that emphasized the surrealists in his
manifesto, the exhibition REVOLUTION NOW & FOREVER wants to show
varying degrees of REVOLUATING through multiple contexts in which they are: political, economic, feminist, discriminatory, autobiographical,
futuristic, environmental, social, ect. ..
Exhibition REVOLUTION NOW & FOREVER wants to prove various subversive practices in works of art and point to a long love relationship of ART and REVOLUTION.
Have you REVouated? Have you experienced sexual intercourse with a revolution? If you have- Apply Now.
NEW MEDIA GALLERY from Zadar, Croatia, invites you to submit
new media art works (videos, video performances, installations,
performative actions, and all other forms of new media art), on the theme of REVOLUTION NOW AND FOREVER.

In order to apply, we need You to upload your video materials to and fill our online application form at
Deadline for application is May 12th, 23:59 CET.
All applications will be closely observed and the results of the selection will be announced on the web pages, also every participant will be announced by e-mail. Exhibition opening will be on May 19th in Zadar, Croatia and this exhibition will visit several more towns in Croatia and SE Europe in 2011.
For all additional information please contact us:


New Media Gallery

Sat Mar 06, 2010 00:00


Newly established NEW MEDIA GALLERY in Zadar, Croatia is pleased to announce first international call for New media art works on the theme of SHE-STORY

New Media Gallery is a platform initiated by organisation Mavena in cooperation with Teatro Verrdi with an aim to:
- introduce the concept of new media art to the broad public;
- produce, coproduce and present new media art, artists and developments;
- establish, promote and develop international artistic cooperation’s in the field of new media arts.
NMG is a platform that uses big space of ex cinema Pobjeda in Zadar, with the intention to become „moving“ gallery because the medium itself allows us to new ways of making and producing art, as well as new ways of presenting it. The concept is focused on:
- developing research art projects through scientific researches and public calls for art works that will explore and promote the present situation on the new media art world scene, and present exhibition of selected works at the NMG;
- education projects: new media workshops for children and performance workshops for adults that will focus on education and presenting new projects;
- international intercultural and interdisciplinary cooperation between artists, theorists and critics of new media art on collaborating projects;
- Living in the Interface_ internet lectures-discussions with eminent world new media artists, theorists and critics.
Directors and curators: Boris Kadin, Natasha Kadin, Technical director: Juraj Aras

The theme of the call

SHE-STORY seeks out new and innovative artistic constellations regarding the theme of women, which will answer the question how does contemporary culture really addresses the theme of women today. We are looking for works of art about women, questioning the position of women in society or in intimate relations today, or new media art works made by women.

In order to apply you need to fill the online application form that can be found at, video materials need to be uploaded to a free online fileserver (like you tube, rapidshare or yousendit) and the download link needs to be put in the online application, along with two photos presenting the project, in .jpg format and other needed info.

Deadline for application is March 06th, 23:59 CET.

All applications will be closely observed by the international jury and the results of the selection will be announced on the web pages and, also every participant will be announced by e-mail.

Exhibition opening will be on March 13th 2010. in Zadar, Croatia.