Miklos Legrady


Member Since January 1, 1996

Miklos Legrady is an artist working in media/time-based art,
painting, photography, holography, performance,
and critical text.

He received a B.Sc. from the Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester,
N.Y, and an M.F.A. from Concordia University in Montreal.

In 1995 he was co-founder of the New York performance group"
The Collective Unconscious", where he was co-director
and performing artist for 3 years.

He has taught web design at the Fine Arts Academy in Budapest, Hungary,
and pursued digital research at the c3 /Soros Foundation.
He created the Mikidot brand on his return
to Toronto in 1998.

His work in painting and photography
is represented in the www.ccca.ca archive.