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Routes + Routines Follow Blind

Fri Jul 24, 2009 00:00


Routes + Routines Follow Blind

This workshop is a detour through the city of Ghent guided by environmental data. Fit up with a self-made antenna, city walkers are dwelling through the electro magnetic fields of Ghent.
>> http://www.timelab.org/summercamp09/workshops/routes-routines-follow-blind/

cost: 5 euro for the workshop. 20 euro extra for lunch & diner (optional)

join this workshop by mailing summercamp@timelab.org

Part 1 EMF antenna
After a contextualization of the workshop by a presentation and introduction of EMF, participants will make their own EMF antenna. Tools and material are provided by Summercamp Electrified.
(Duration: 3 hours)

Part 2 Collective sound performance
Cars, wires, streetlights, security installations and a lot of other electronic devices create a urban environment saturated by electro magnetic radiation. By walking, the EMF-orchestra scans the city. The registered radiation becomes audible by portable speakers the participants are wearing. Electronic rhythms, pulses, noise, frequencies, dissonant tones, feedback …
(Duration: 3 hours)

Workshop by Peter Westenberg and Wendy Van Wynsberghe from Constant vzw.
The Brussels-based, non-profit organization Constant is operating in the field between art and media. Constant is an interdisciplinary studio involved in ethics and culture on the Internet.
Their artistic practices are inspired by the way technological infrastructure, data transfer en software are changing our daily life. Important points of interest are free software, alternative license agreements and (cyber)feminism.



OSWASH: Bring your dirty laundry

Fri Jul 10, 2009 00:00


please spread...

OSWASH | Open Source Washing Machine Project

A four day workshop this july (14-15-16-17) at the Summercamp Electrified in Ghent (Belgium) where we'll be rethinking, designing and developing open source washing machines.
Using recycled parts and sustainable energy we'll be building working washing machine prototypes.

Bring your dirty underwear and join this workshop by sending a mail to summercamp@timelab.org!

cost: €5/day for the workshop. €20/day extra for lunch & diner (optional)

> http://www.timelab.org/summercamp09/workshops/oswash/

"The open source washing machine project aims to rethink the way we wash clothes around the world...

The idea of a DIY electronic washing machine using recycling parts and Open source microcontroller was born in spring 2008 during an Open Source Hardware workshop for artists in Craslab Paris.

Workshop by Jean-Noël Montagné. French artist and activist born in 1963. Creates interactive installations with sensing technologies since 1991. Last installation: “Je te parlerai dans un reflet de lumière”, 2006/2007, an interactive installation on the subject of the walls for separating rich and poor. Founder of the non-profit NGO “Art Sensitif ” related to relations between art and science for interactive art. Founder and director of CRAS ressource center for interactive technologies in Paris-Saint Ouen."



Summercamp Electrified

Sun Jul 12, 2009 00:00 - Wed Jun 24, 2009


Running from July 12th to 19th 2009, the Electrified summer camp is an intensive week of work for 15 artists and 3 organizations with the city of Ghent (Belgium) as their scenery, their territory, their sparring-partner and challenger.

Electrified was set up in 2008 by Arts Centre Vooruit in association with SMAK and 5voor12 with a view to presenting work in the visual art, media art and sound art triangle. This festival brought together the work by artists who are not usually presented in the same context because of their different backgrounds and approaches. Take the city as a sparring-partner and challenger and you have the principles of the ‘Electrified’ concept.

Electrified kicked off in 2008 with artists Ronald Kuivila and Edwin van der Heiden showing work in the KunstNu area of the SMAK and in Citadelpark respectively. It consisted of two evenings of live audiovisual performances with (among others) Rikkert Brok and Maarten Halmans, Boris and Brecht Debackere and Janek Schaefer.

In the summer of 2009 Electrified will take the form of a summer camp, organized jointly by Arts Centre Vooruit and Timelab. The start-up Timelab is an open laboratory for hybrid arts grafted onto the activities of a Fablab in Ghent.

After the artists have given a presentation of their work, 3 organisations are asked to prepare a workshop. By the end of the week the artists are given the opportunity to present their work and/or their ideas or their proposals and suggestions on the city to the audience.